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Staggered height wall cabinets

Mirrors added to cut-for-glass cabinets

Sink base pulled 3"

Angle fluted fillers



Leftover Veneer panels and trim pieces
used to construct the roof of this unit

Creative Molding Stack

China Display Rack

Wall Spice Drawers





Open shelving is beautiful and affordable

2 wall cabinets between refrigerator end panels

V-Groove or standard veneer panel

Valance, leftover refrigerator panel and crown molding used to bridge section

Chicken wire placed in cut for glass cabinets creating midwestern country flavor





Straight tambour used in run of wall cabinets to create bread box

36" Wall cabinets mounted on platform to create staggered height island

Wall china display cabinet used in run of base cabinets








Wall cabinet and base cabinet pulled to create focal point



Valances used to bridge cabinets

Bookcases in bathroom

Desk drawers used for makeup station

3 diagonal wall cabinets on pedestal





Staggered Heights in wall cabinets

Plinth block used as decorative feet

Tall end panel used to bridge cabinets and mount can lighting

Bridge cut with radius in front and scribe molding bent to trim off front



Box column fillers to finish off ends

Staggered height cabinets with different moldings

Straight valance used as backsplash, toe board, and elevates cabinet allowing doors to open with items on counter

Arched valance used on center piece as a baseboard

Wall cabinets bridged with finished shelving and added can lighting





Bridge between wall cabinets with finished shelving and added can lights

2 Wall cabinets

Mirrors with matching molding

Hutch end panels with dowel

Sink Base pulled 2"

2 Vanity drawer bases

Decorative feet



Tall molding stack on center cabinet

Wall 303024 supported between 2 tall end panels

2 wall bookcases atop of 2 full height bases

Leftover end panel for shelf and top

W301524 on pedestal with arch valance for toe kick

Skin the back with veneer to look like one solid unit





Tall molding stack with decorative onlay

Wall bookcase with 2 wall 3-drawer units

Dresser top made of tall end panel trimmed with countertop molding

3-drawer base 30" reduced depth to 21" finished with decorative doors

Toe-Kick cut off base cabinets, bases mounted to platform and added decorative feet.

Platform trimmed out with scribe molding













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